Xiangdai Palace focuses on promoting Chinese original ecological lifestyle and fashion non-heritage culture. It is a cultural brand company that integrates product design, research and development, etiquette training, cultural exchange, and artistic performances.

 Taking traditional Chinese cheongsam and new national trend clothing as the entry point, the brand upholds the characteristics of Chinese clothing, integrates elements of the new era, and inherits and promotes new Chinese-style clothing. At the same time, it also radiates the concept of original ecological healthy lifestyle, continuously innovates, and dedicates itself to building a cultural social e-commerce service platform.

 We hope that more people who love Chinese culture can join us and work together to be the guardians and spokespersons of traditional Chinese culture. Let's work together to support artisans, explore cultural treasures, and introduce more quality items scattered through time to the world!

Xiangdai Palace Cultural Co., Ltd.

Custom Clothing

Xiangdai Palace has years of industry customization experience, with excellent cooperation with numerous enterprises, providing thoughtful qipao customization services for customers. The products produced are of superior quality, durable, and your best choice!
Fragrant Dai Mansion
The mansion houses five major thematic sections: Modern Qipao Exhibition Hall, Imagery, Qipao Afternoon Tea, Five Talented Women Theme Space, and Twelve Fragrances Theatre.
Xiangdai Beauty Photography
We specialize in creating personalized cheongsam artistic photos, capturing the genuine beauty and essence of individuals. Our photos are designed to fully showcase the depth and uniqueness of each person's character and features.

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Latest news
Latest news



On April 26, 2024, the Chinese Embassy in the United States, in conjunction with the American Foreign Service Association, co-hosted the 'Chinese Fashion and Art Experience' event, with Ambassador Xie



On December 20th, the 10th anniversary charity gala of the BMW Car Club, themed 'Deliver with Heart, Inherit with Love,' was held at the elegant Xiang Dai Palace Life Culture Museum in Tan Hua Lin, Wu



To promote intangible cultural heritage and the distinctive handwoven fabrics of Qianxinan, yesterday afternoon, with special support from the leaders of Qianxinan Prefecture, the Qianxinan Qipao Danc

Xiangdai Palace Culture Co., Ltd.


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